From the Land to Our Mill to Our Customers

Welcome to Millstone Mills

Established in 2003, Millstone Mills is committed to providing the highest quality dry corn ingredients to food and beverage companies and homes across the U.S. and throughout the world. To see our diverse products portfolio see our products page. We also mill customized granulations to meet your unique specifications, and offer private label packaging options.
We are very conscientious and flexible to meet our customer needs!

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Who We Are

The Story of Millstone Mills

From our farm to our mill to our customers – that’s true of Millstone Mills, Inc. We grow, harvest, store, mill, and package our products and ship it to you. We provide our customers with their specific needs. We know corn. We use a blend from century old proven processes blended with cutting edge new technology. We have one of the most energy efficient mills in the country. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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What We Do

Research & Development

We are devoted to meet all our customers’ needs and to experimenting with new varieties of corn on our farms.

(We package from retail to bulk)

(We package from retail to bulk)

Our Work